Environmental Health in Israel | 2017

Environment and Health Fund Rivka 11, Jerusalem, Israel 9346117 Phone number: 972-2-6738478 Fax: 972-2-6749780 Email: info@ehf.org.il www.ehf.org.il/en Material from this report may be reproduced on condition that it is cited as: Environment and Health Fund and Ministry of Health (2017). Environmental Health in Israel 2017. Public Health Services Yirmiyahu 39, Jerusalem, Israel 9101002 Phone number: 972-2-5080510/1/2 E-mail: Keren.Mizrahi@moh.health.gov.il www.health.gov.il/English/MinistryUnits/HealthDivision/PublicHealth/Pages/Default.aspx About the Environment and Health Fund The Environment and Health Fund (EHF) is committed to expanding expertise in and knowledge about environmental health in Israel. EHF builds capacity and capabilities by supporting inter-disciplinary research, in-service professional training, and workshops and conferences. EHF helps connect Israeli scientists and policy makers to a network of international experts in environmental health research and policy. EHF works with scientists and professionals, government and the private sector to broaden stakeholder involvement in reducing exposure to environmental hazards and improving public health. A digital copy of this report can be found on the: Environment and Health Fund website Ministry of Health website www.ehf.org.il/en www.health.gov.il/English

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