Future Research Directions in Health and Air Pollution

EHF conference

The workshop on “Future Research Directions in Health and Air Pollution” was held on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at the Zoa House in Tel Aviv.
The workshop brought together researchers and professionals in the field to examine the directions in which research on exposure assessment and the health effects of air pollution is heading and to discuss the local research needed to improve air quality in Israel. The guest speaker at the workshop was Prof. Jeremy Sarnat from Emory University. Prof. Sarnat has been conducting research in the field of air pollution and its health effects for over 20 years and his latest studies focus on the biological mechanisms underlying these effects.


Workshop Program

First Session

New Directions for Improving the Estimation of Exposure to Air Pollutants
Prof. David Broday

Using Satellite Remote Sensing for Air Pollution. Where Shall We Go Next? 
Dr. Alexandra Chudnovsky

Discussion: Prof. Barak Fishbain

Establishing Connections between Atmospheric Ageing of Secondary Organic Aerosols and their Cytotoxicity: The AeroHealth Project
Prof. Rudich Yinon

Discussion: Prof. Jeremy Sarnat

Exposure Science, Traffic Pollution, and the Theory of Everything 
Prof. Jeremy Sarnat


Second Session 

Indoor (Air) Pollution 
Dr. Rachel Golan

Volatile Organic Compounds in Preschool Facilities in the Haifa Bay Area 
Ms. Merav Malka Bareket

Discussion: Dr. Maya Negev

Knowledge Gaps in Air Pollution Research in Israel – MOE Perspective 
Dr. Ilan Levy

Discussion: Dr. Hagai Levine

Critical Windows of Exposure during Pregnancy:  Relevant Methodological Issues and Future directions 
Dr. Raanan Raz

Discussion: Prof. Ilana Shoham-Vardi