Environmental Exposures and Child Development

posters- EHF conference

On June 13th, the Environment and Health fund hosted the "Environmental Exposures and Child Development" symposium, featuring Prof. Robert Wright and Prof. Rosalind Wright.

Prof. Robert Wright is the Chair of the Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City. His lecture dealt with the hypothesis that the impact of intrauterine exposure to environmental pollutants  on childhood obesity may be mediated by alterations in neurodevelopment. He also explored possible biological mechanisms.

Is Childhood Obesity an Environmental Neurologic Disease? (presentation)

Prof. Rosalind Wright Professor of Pediatrics, Pulmonary, and Environmental Medicine and Public Health Mount Sinai, New York City. Her lecture presented findings on the relationship between pre- and postnatal maternal stress and asthma in children. exploring the differences between boys and girls in terms of windows of susceptibility and the implications for intervention and prevention.

Maternal Stress & Childhood Asthma: Risk & Resilience (presentation)