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Indoor Air Quality and Health
An online meeting of Prof. Charles Washler, an international expert in the field with experts and stakeholders from Israel discussing the issue on an international and local perspective.
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Environment and Health: Complex Interactions

The conference presented the latest findings from environmental health research and keynote lectures by Dr. Linda Birnbaum and Prof. Mark Nieuwenhuijsen.

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Future Research Directions in Health and Air Pollution

The workshop brought together researchers and professionals to examine the directions in which air pollution exposure and health effects research is heading in Israel. Read more>

Biomonitoring workshop
Biomonitoring Workshop – Local and International Overview

The workshop included a review of the issue of biomonitoring with an emphasis on the methods for analyzing environmental pollutants in human biological samples. Read More>

Keynote Speakers with Prof. Ilan Chet, EHF's Board Chairman and Dr. Ruth Ostrin, EHF's Director
Environmental Health: New Perspectives

The conference presented the latest findings from Israeli environmental health research and keynote lectures by Dr. Leonardo Trasande and Prof. Miriam Diamond. Read More>

Dr. Birnbaum speaking at EHF's annual conference 2017
Environmental Health in Israel 2017 - Annual Conference

The conference presented the Environment and Health in Israel 2017 report and the challenges that arise from it. Invited keynote speakers were Dr. Birnbaum and Adv. WeintraubRead More>

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Early Life Exposures and Later Life Diseases symposium

The symposium with guest experts Dr. Joseph Braun, Prof. Pam Factor-Litvak and Prof. Martine Vrijheid, addressed the effects of prenatal environmental exposures on health later in life. Read more>

 Beer Sheva Conference for Children’s Welfare panek participants (credit: Amir Ofer)
Beer Sheva Conference for Children’s Welfare 2017

During the conference EHF Held a session on children's exposure to environmental pollutants. The severity of current exposure levels of children in Israel and the need for regulation were addressed. 

Environmental Exposures and Child Development

Lectures and dialogue with guest experts Robert and Rosalind Wright, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City focusd on the environmental causes of obisity and athsma. Read More>

Environmental Health in Israel: A Global Perspective - Panel Attendees Speaking
Environmental Health in Israel: A Global Perspective

The panel addressed environmental health issues in research and policy in the US, Europe and Asia and discussed current standards in Israel as compared to the rest of the world. Read More>

people around table during Risk Assessment Workshop Nov2016
Risk Assessment Workshop: From Science to Policy

The workshop, led by Prof. Wendy Heiger-Bernays and Prof. Joel Schwartz, focused on the efforts needed for translation of science to policy, and discussed case studies from the USA and Israel.

speaker at Environmental Health New and Noteworthy conference Dec 2016
Environment and Health: New and Noteworthy

The conference presented the latest findings from Israeli environmental health research and keynote lectures by Prof. Frank Biro, Dr. Jane Muncke on emerging issues in the field.

people sitting in lecture hall during Advanced Topics in Env Epidemiology workshop July 2015
Advanced Topics in Environmental Epidemiology

Prof. Joel Schwartz and Prof. Marc Weisskopf, from Harvard’s School of Public Health, reviewed advanced methods in environmental epidemiology research and latest findings from their work in the field.

image of prof. Lidia Morawska during lecture
Roundtable Meeting with Prof. Lidia Morawska on Indoor Air Quality

Prof. Morawska, an international expert in indoor air quality (IAQ) presented the latest findings on indoor air pollution, its sources, health effects and challenges in research and policy. 

speaker on podium during 2014 EHF conference
Environmental Health in Israel: Progress and Challenges

The annual conference reviewed 10 years of progress in the field of environmental health in Israel and the challenges ahead. The invited keynote speakers were Dr. Henry Falk and Dr. Jennifer Sass.

image of Dr. Arelene Blum
Fire Safety without Harm: Flame Retardants and Flammability Standards

Dr. Arlene Blum, an expert on flame retardants and their effects on human health, was invited to speak on the matter as changes to the Israeli standards were promoted by thethe Ministry of Economy.

people sitting in class during Green Chemistry workshop 2014
Chemicals, Health and Green Chemistry workshop

The workshop presented participants with an introduction to Green Chemistry, its principles and examples of methods in which safer materials can be developed to replace existing harmful chemicals.

Image of Dr Linda Birnbaum from 2011 workshop
Flame Retardants: At what cost?

Dr. Linda Birnbaum's lecture on the environmental health costs of flame retardants was a collaboration of EHF with the Advanced School for Environmental Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

banner of pesticide use in israel public conference 2014
Pesticide Use in Israel: Public Conference

The aim of the conference was to advance the long term goal of reducing pesticide use in Israel by raising awareness to health risks and promoting public participation.

crowd in auditorium during EHF 2013 conference
Pollution, Diabetes and Obesity

The conference presentations examined how exposure to environmental pollutants is linked to diabetes and obesity by reviewing possible mechanisms of action and findings from epidemiological studies.

image of crowd during poster session in EHF's 2012 conference
From Science to Policy: Environment and Health in Israel

The 2012 annual conference addressed the latest findings on environmental exposures and related health effects in Israel, and the challenge of translating these findings to health protective policies.

Image of Prof. Chensheng Lu during 2012 ISEES conference
Annual Conference of the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences

EHF took part in the ISEES annual conference which included environmental health sessions with invited guest speakers Prof. Koutrakis, Prof. Lu, Prof. Schauer and Prof. Brauer.

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Introduction to Risk Assessment

The course dealt with the use of findings from epidemiology and toxicology studies to estimate the human health risks of exposure to environmental contaminants, and to inform policy decisions.

panel table at EHF Children's Health 2011 conference
Environment and Children’s Health

The conference brought together Israeli pediatricians, epidemiologists, scientists, policy makers and international experts to discuss children's health and quality of life in our modern environment.

Image of people talking from 2011 EHF workshop
Recent Trends in Environmental Epidemiology & Exposure Science

The course, held at the Weizmann Institute, combined work on case studies with lectures that presented new methodologies, paradigms and trends in environmental health sciences.

image of Linda Birnbaum, Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)
Cutting Edge Research in Environmental Health

The workshop focused on innovative research directions in environmental health such as epigenetics and the effects of low dose chronic exposures. Watch Dr. Birnbaum's opening lecture.

image of Prof. Annette Peters during speech at 2010 EHF conference
Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Diseases

The conference was held in anticipation of the enactment of the Israeli Clean Air Law with leading international researchers: Prof. Robert Brook, Prof. Sanjay Rajagopalan and Prof. Annette Peters.

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Reproduction Health and Endocrine Disruption Chemicals
EHF’s second annual conference presented findings from ongoing research on the impacts of exposure to environmental chemicals on male and female fertility and the developing fetus.
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Environmental Pollution and Disease Trends in Israel: What We Know, What We don't Know, What We Should Know
EHF’s first annual conference was the first scientific event to focus on the link between health and the environment in Israel, present current data and review the challenges in the field.