Environmental Health in Israel 2020

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“Environmental Health in Israel“ is the product of a fruitful collaboration between the Environment and Health Fund and the Ministry of Health, along with other government ministries, scientists and NGOs. This collaboration is made possible due to a shared commitment to improving the health of Israelis by reducing their exposure to environmental hazards.
The first edition of the report, "Environmental Health in Israel 2014", was a snapshot of the situation in Israel in 2014 with respect to data, monitoring, research and regulation, and presented the goals and challenges to be addressed in the upcoming years. The report also provided a reference point against which progress towards long term goals could be periodically assessed.
The second edition, “Environmental Health in Israel 2017”, updated the 2014 report, expanding to include several new chapters. “Environmental Health in Israel 2020” will continue the periodic review of the field and provide the latest updates in each of the topics reviewed in the 2017 report.
Work on “Environmental Health in Israel 2020” was launched at a two-day workshop held in December 2019, in which discussions focused on the progress and the challenges since 2017, across fourteen environmental health topics. The workshop participants included relevant stakeholders from eight government ministries and agencies, researchers from academia, representatives from NGOs and two invited international experts: