Environmental Health in Israel 2017 Workshop


29-30 January, 2017 Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem

Invited Experts: Dr. Henry Falk, Prof. Erik Lebret, Dr. Stan Meiburg


Sunday, January 29th


First Session Topics: Environmental Tobacco Smoke, Indoor Air Quality, Ambient Air Quality

Environmental Tobacco Smoke - Hagai Levine, Hebrew University - Hadassah

Indoor Air Quality - Raanan Raz - Hebrew University

Ambient Air Quality - Levana Kordova-Biezuner - Ministry of Environmental Protection

Second Session Topics: Biomonitoring, Chemicals in Consumer Products

Biomonitoring - Tamar Berman - Ministry of Health

Chemicals in Consumer Products - Shay Reicher - Ministry of Health

Third Session Topics: Planning, Climate Change, Non-Ionizing Radiation

Planning - Itamar Grotto - Ministry of Health

Climate Change - Maya Negev - University of Haifa

Non-Ionizing Radiation - Siegal Sadetzki - Gertner Institute

Monday, January 30th


Fourth Session Topics: Chemical Parameters in Drinking Water, Pollutants in Wastewater, Chemical Food Contaminants, Pesticides

Chemical Parameters in Drinking Water - Efrat Rorman - Ministry of Health

Pollutants in Wastewater - Benny Chefetz - Hebrew University

Chemical Food Contaminants - Ziva Hamama - Ministry of Health

Pesticides - Orna Matzner - Ministry of Environmental Protection

Fifth Session Topics: Environmental Health Indicators and Trends

Environmental Health Indicators and Trends - Lital Keinan Boker - Ministry of Health


Concluding Session

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