What We Know

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The information in the following chapters presents a snapshot of what we know about issues of Environmental Health in Israel. The information is based on the "Environmental Health in Israel 2014" report, the result of a productive collaboration between the Environment and Health Fund, the Ministry of Health, professionals and scientists in the field.

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There is considerable evidence that acute and chronic exposure to pesticides is harmful...

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Chemicals in Consumer Products

Exposure to chemicals in consumer products has been associated mostly with acute health outcomes...

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Ambient Air Quality

Exposure to ambient air pollution, even at very low concentrations, is associated with a range of adverse...

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Biomonitoring has many uses in the field of environmental health, including evaluation of exposure...

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Asbestos is a fibrous material that is a human carcinogen (Group 1). Exposure to asbestos affects...

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Chemical Food Contaminants

Chemical food contaminants, or “food pollutants”, refers to substances that are unintentionally added...

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Chemical Parameters in Drinking Water
Exposure to chemical contaminants in drinking water has been associated with an array of adverse health... More details
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Climate Change

Extreme climate change is likely to have acute effects on human health, including both physical...

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Environmental Health Indicators and Trends

Indicators are important tools for highlighting problems, identifying trends, and monitoring progress...

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Environmental Tobacco Smoke

The adverse effects of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) mirror those associated with...

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Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially with regard... More details
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Non-Ionizing Radiation

Exposure to non-ionizing radiation is ubiquitous. Sources include visible light, lasers, infrared radiation...

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